B- Commercial Services


Cost Estimating is one of the most important jobs in construction. “Every successful construction project starts with a GREAT estimate!” Demand for well-qualified estimators continues to grow. Construction estimating is the process of forecasting a project’s costs and a good estimate prevents the contractor from losing money and helps the customer avoid overpaying. The purpose of an estimate has a different meaning to different people involved in the process. To the owner, it provides a reasonable, accurate idea of the costs. This will help him or her decide whether the work can be undertaken as proposed, needs to be modified, or should be abandoned. To the contractor, it must provide the cost of materials and labor to install the project as well as make a profit. Accurate estimating is the foundation of profitable contracting. Accuracy must be based on several factors. The estimator must understand the type of construction, the project schedule, availability of skilled workers, and the construction sequence to produce an accurate estimate.

1- Cost Estimation and Tender Management


ONE 2 ONE provides a supportive service to ensure that the organization sees the cost reduction hitting the bottom-line. This service is ideal for organizations that do not have the internal capability and/or capacity to manage contract effectively, or do not see this function as core business and looking to outsource.
Our team has full knowledge about tender life cycle based on different projects. By using very advanced estimation software’s, very high accuracy and quality are guaranteed.

Our scope includes :

1) Cost Estimation; Rough estimate, Budgeting, Cost analysis, Cost breakdown, Data base.

2) Pricing BOQ; Full pricing for all BOQ items including civil, electrical and mechanical works.

3) Cost Reporting; Cash flow, Budget forecasting, Resources usage, wastage.

4) Effective Procurement; Manage all suppliers and subcontractor’s packages, detailed comparison sheets & Strong negotiation to reach the bottom rock.

5) Contract Review & Risk Analysis; Review contract documents, providing full risk analysis and related cost impact.

6) Tender Management; Tender circulars and related effects, Pre & Post tender clarifications and very advanced tender presentation

2- Quantity Surveying


ONE 2 ONE has expert quantity surveying professionals dealing with the venture conveyance from inception to completion of construction. We make sure all forecasts, expenditure statements, contracting documentation and cash flow reports are well prepared for our partners. Besides, Quantity Surveying, cost control, and program management, we calculate the payments (initial, interim and final) for the contractors as per the valuation date.
As expert quantity surveyors, ONE 2 ONE has the required knowledge of construction theories and practices, laws and processes providing the highest level of financial savings and accuracy to our valuable partners
At ONE 2 ONE, we provide integrated solutions to our partners with the most competitive budgets & plans. Through our cost control, we manage all changes and tracks any project delay. We also manage all contractual relationships between various parties involved in the project through. Our Quantity Surveying Solutions includes all services your project would need.

Our scope includes :

1) Billing of Quantity (BOQ); Preparing BOQ as per international standards for different type of projects.

2) Clarifications; Checking all drawings and sending related clarifications to the client to have full understanding and removing any conflict.

3) Tender & IFC Drawings Comparison; Ability to create full compassion between tender drawings and IFC drawings.

4) Ongoing Projects Support; Particle experience in ongoing project to help client making very smooth delivery.

5) Variation Orders; Checking any changes happened in the scope and support client to submit the variation orders in a professional and a clear way.

6) Q.S Full Back-up; Providing full back-up showing all Q.S details and link it with drawings and BOQ for easy reference and checking

3- Value engineering


Value Engineering is used in construction projects to provide a clear and detailed analysis of how best to meet the goals of the construction project. When Value Engineering is used with cost estimating, it allows an independent review of the entire construction project. This review process, typically completed within a Value Engineering workshop, is focused on one common goal: to provide the highest value at the lowest cost. With Value Engineering you are able to eliminate stressors, identify potential barriers, bring new design and materials to the project, limit environmental risks, and keep future maintenance costs of the project low. Value Methodology offers the following benefits Our scope includes : 1) Cost Improvement 2) Performance Improvement 3) Productivity Improvement 4) Quality Improvement 5) Time-Saving 6) Integrating VE with Continuous Improvement Techniques

4- Schedule management


Large construction projects are likely to fail if there isn’t an effective project plan or schedule in place from the beginning. Construction management can aid efficient planning and scheduling by creating an integrated work environment to stay on the same page with stakeholders and take tasks head-on without fear of some risks. Preparing a specific construction schedule ahead of time will ensure efficiency and productivity. The project schedule allows the construction team to control quality measures, as well as maintain the resources needed in each phase of construction. Time is money; a reliable schedule gives each party the opportunity to allocate time to all activities to avoid delays and cost overruns. Our scope includes: 1) Schedule Management; Schedule management plan and related narrative 2) Preliminary Schedule; Development of the baseline or preliminary schedule 3) WBS Development; Development of WBS, calendars, activities, resources, cost loading and logic 4) Manpower & Equipment Histogram; Developing manpower & equipment histogram has never been easier and more accurate 5) Planned & Actual Cash Flow; Preparing planned & actual cash flow reports on timely manners 6) Variation Orders’ Time Impact; Handling any modification or change to works agreed in the contract on timely manners