C- Decorative lights


The term DECORATIVE LIGHTING covers all the traditional kinds of light fitting (floor lights, pendants, chandeliers, etc) and differentiates them from technical or architectural lighting (e.g. downlighters). The basis for the difference is that the decorative light fitting can be seen. And if it can be seen, it matters what it looks like. Decorative lights are the unsung heroes of great lighting design. These statement fixtures are important in conveying specific design themes and can also be used in light layering. Choosing light fixtures can be a complicated task. Lighting and ceiling fans are crucial in not only the functionality of the rooms in your home, but also the design. Decorative light fixtures come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can help you fulfill the important task of including layers of light in your design. Typically, decorative lights play the role of adding a layer of adornment to the area of choice. Although often small, they can have a big impact on the overall lighting design of a room. For instance, the WAC Lighting fixtures in the image here offer a unique style element to the room. Whereas general lighting is often out of view, in the form of recessed cans or flush mounts, decorative lighting is meant to be seen. Often, decorative lighting can even serve as the focal point in the room, think a beautiful, large chandelier. Just because decorative lights are chosen for their aesthetics, does not mean their dimensions and purpose can be ignored. Decorative lights can serve as ambient, accent or task lights, depending on how they are used. For example, a beautiful floor lamp can also serve the purpose of illuminating a reading nook, making it more functional.